Staying Fit and Staying Competitive

Why are you working out? Besides the obvious benefits of health and fitness that will allow you to live longer provided you don’t have a significant negative event happen in your life, you feel great, look amazing, and have the stamina and abilities you need in order to be the best possible you that you can be. While this is certainly an incredible benefit to the fitness program you’ve designed for yourself, if you have a competitive fire for competition and want to enjoy showing off and pushing your own fitness level, you should take it to the races and games offered in your area. Our team at can help you with a few suggestions.

Marathon Running – Running has been a long-time activity that’s been enjoyed by many. Marathons have been around for many centuries with some of the most famous early races taking place in Greece and in Italy during the Roman rule. Today, there are marathons held in nearly every city in the country with many of them being run to raise money for a charity or specific group to bring money in and allow runners a chance to compete with each other.

Even if you don’t feel like you can compete in a full marathon and want to try something shorter, you’ll be able to enjoy half marathons that can also be run with less training and the same enjoyment. The fun of running has more to do with being competitive with yourself and not as much with others who are running with you. This means you can compete in a variety of races throughout the year with the goal of improving your own time without the concern of what others are doing and their times during the race. Here are some great sites where you can find full and half marathons that you might want to participate in.

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Tough Mudder/Spartan Races – These races are two different style races where you put your full body strength and grit against the elements designed on the track. Taking on a Tough Mudder race means you’re going to be dirty, scraped up, bruised, and smiling from ear to ear when you’re done. Spartan Races also pit you against the elements and obstacles that are put in your way to make it more difficult for you to make it to the finish line.

In both of these races, you’ll be part of a team, which means you can race with the buddies you have from the gym or from your regular games that you play on the court every day. This makes for a fun memory that you’re never going to forget and a togetherness that you only feel when you’ve accomplished a goal together as you race toward the end of the course to try and come in first. These races have grown in popularity and are lot of fun to do with friends who also want to show off their fitness levels.

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Local Sports/Gym Activities – Your fitness may start in the gym where you work on the fitness level that you want to achieve and maintain for yourself. Training three to four days a week is an important way to stay healthy and active, but you also might want to take your fitness out to the courts or the fields in your area to show off. Make a search for local basketball, volleyball, softball, and football groups that get together in your area to play games and have a lot of fun together so that you can have some fun too and join up.

There are many different ways you can show off the fitness you’ve enjoyed. Yes, you work out to be healthy, you eat right to look great, but your fitness level should be taken to the tracks, roads, courses, fields, and courts in your area to show off what you can do and so that you can have a lot of fun. Let our team at help you find what you’re looking for in order to participate in events that can offer you the experience you want to enjoy when it’s time to get out and have a lot of fun.