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How to Prepare for your First Marathon

Tips by Francisco Cortes to help you with your first marathon

You are bound to start looking at races to add to your calendar once you begin with a running routine. You might start with a local 5K and improve to other better races. Before you know it, it will be time for your first marathon. Here are some tips to help you prepare as a beginner for your first marathon.

Training Log

Keep a training log of your daily mileage and run time. Write down your distance and times accurately. If possible, list out your fitness levels at the same time. Make sure you write it down immediately because it can be hard to remember things later. If you train at the gym, then make sure you carry your training log with you. It can be easier with an app.


You need to push your body steadily like tuning an engine. Keep increasing your endurance by way of distance and speed by 10% every week. This helps you increase your mileage while avoiding injuries along the way. Make sure that you include a cut-back week every third or fourth week. This does not mean stop running entirely. This means reduce your mileage by 25% and keep the runs easy.

Run Schedule

Francisco Cortes recommends running every second day. You should schedule your run workouts at least 3 – 4 times a week. Always include a long run in your schedule accompanied by two or three shorter sprints. Make sure one of those short runs is a sprint.

You can increase your speed gradually by focusing on your increments and time. Push your body to do its best. Ease back when you hit a plateau. Look at your running stance and shoes. Check your diet if you are missing something.

Heart Rate

Always monitor your resting heart rate. Check your pulse every morning and keep a track of it with your training log. This will give you a baseline number after several days of reading. Your resting pulse should decrease with an increase in fitness level. Take it easy on days when your resting pulse is more than the normal baseline.

Francisco Cortes is dedicated to your overall fitness. These tips will get you in shape for that next marathon.


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Ironman Triathlon

Train for Ironman with these tips from Francisco Cortes

Ironman race is held yearly and requires more than endurance. It is a true test of your mental and physical state. You cannot just give up on this exhausting marathon. However, it is easy to beat ironman with just a few quick tips.

What is Ironman Triathlon?

Ironman race is a 3 mile swim with a 170 mile cycling track followed by a marathon. It takes perfect coordination of muscles and stamina to beat this race.

Training across all spheres

Ironman is not just about running or cycling. It is about swimming as well. Most competitors forget the swim part and focus it really late in their training. However, by getting the swimming in early, you get to build your lung muscles and focus on fatigue due to buoyancy. It can be very easy to swim 10 miles when you are fresh. However, with the pressure from crowds and

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