We at Francisco Cortes USA advise all amateur fitness enthusiasts to hit the gym at least thrice a week. It can be difficult at first to take off time from busy work and family schedules. But, with time, patience and most importantly discipline you can get the most out of your life and time. The best part of exercising or hitting the gym as per us at Francisco Cortes NYC is that you automatically feel so energetic and vigorous that you get time to complete more tasks than before in a day.

It is a given fact that exercise does make a person feel good on the inside and look good on the inside. However, it is important that you take things slow. We at Francisco Cortes NY have noticed many people lose their bluster in the first month after they sign up for a gym membership. It is important you do not lose money in your quest for attaining fitness. Simply sign up for the first month and when you discipline yourself you can for extensions.

Francisco Cortes can help you with gym schedules, fitness regimes and exercise routines. However, it falls on you to actually get the job done. One of the best exercise routines as per our team at Francisco Cortes USA is to have a healthy balance of weight training and cardio.

If you are just starting out then for the first week focus on cardio and getting your lungs pumping. After about 2 to 3 weeks you should include weights into your training. However, you need to introduce it at a slow and steady speed to avoid injury.

Francisco Cortes also helps with great tips and the latest gym news from across the country. Our mantra is never forget to stretch your muscles, though always stretch the gym time.