Right Way to Use an Elliptical Trainer for Maximum Results

Learn Elliptical Trainer Techniques from Francisco Cortes for Best Workouts

Elliptical trainers are a great way to ease into exercising for beginners. It gives you a low impact workout while keeping your heart rate up. This guide will walk you through the right postures on an elliptical machine and common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Get on Board

Be careful while stepping on the pedals as they tend to move on their own. Grab the stationery hand bars and then step on each pedal individually. You need to align your feet right. Make sure you plant your feet firmly and evenly. You do not want all the pressure to come to your toes when you begin your workout.

  1. Maintain Posture

You need to keep your back straight for an effective workout and to prevent injuries. It is best to keep your head and eyes looking straight ahead. Push out your chest and your pelvis to maintain a straight spinal position. Try tucking in your abdominal muscles.

  1. Grab the Arm Bar Lightly

There are two arm bars in elliptical trainers. One is stationery while the other moves along with your motion. You can grab the moving arm bar if you want to work out your upper body.

  1. Start Moving

Usually, an elliptical trainer starts when you begin to pedal forwards. Look for the start button if it does not. Keep your movements steady and smooth. A Francisco Cortes tip – do not lock your knees as that could be uncomfortable and might even hurt you.

  1. Make it Challenging

You can adjust resistance, speed and incline in elliptical training machines. You need to be careful here as you do not want to overdo things and injure yourself. It is best to start with a beginner workout plan to get yourself accustomed to the machine.

  1. Don’t Miss the Special Features

Heart rate monitors are part of most gym equipment these days. You can check for a monitor on your elliptical trainer. The cheaper versions will have pulse sensors built right into the handlebars while others will have wireless chest straps. You can make your workouts more effective by tracking heart data and tweaking your workout sessions.

Some elliptical trainers come with in-built preset workouts that are labeled differently for beginners and experts. These programs are a great way to start if you do not want to keep fiddling with the controls.

Learn the right way of working on an elliptical trainer with Francisco Cortes. Know that some exercise is better than no exercise. However, exercise that is done the right way will give you maximum results. Stay tuned for more such tips.

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